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Field Station Module (FSM)

Field Station Module
Field Station Module


Field Station Module (FSM)

The Swagelok field station module (FSM) transports a pre-conditioned, reduced-pressure process gas to an analyzer. Preconditioning a gas sample at the extraction point and transporting the sample at low pressure results in faster analyzer response time, less condensation, and less environmental impact. The FSM mounts directly to process nozzles and is highly configurable to match process conditions.

Specifying a Field Station Module

The FSM can be customized to meet system requirements. To specify an FSM:

  • Know the maximum inlet pressure of the FSM. Specify the FSM configuration with the lowest inlet pressure that is compatible with the highest process pressure.
  • Specify pressure gauge dial size, placement, and fill. The measurement ranges of the pressure gauges are determined automatically from the inlet pressure. Swagelok selects the regulator that is suitable for the maximum inlet pressure. The outlet pressure control range is 0 to 50 psig (0 to 3.4 bar) for all models.
  • Choose from five filter or coalescer options: no separate filter, small- or large-particle filter, membrane separator with gravity drain, and large fibrous coalescer with membrane filter.
  • Coalescer options work to remove liquid mist. The coalescer drain may terminate in a manual blowdown valve separate from this system.
  • Do not use a coalescer if the sample contains many particulates; the coalescer will clog. Instead, specify a filter to remove them and, if the liquid mist is volatile, keep the field station and transport line hot enough to avoid condensation. If necessary, condense and remove the liquid in the sample conditioning system close to the analyzer. If the sample contains many particulates and nonvolatile liquid mist, the FSM may not be suitable; ask for an evaluation by Swagelok.
  • Select from three pressure-relief options: no relief valve, preset adjustable relief valve, or preset adjustable relief valve with manual override handle.

Caution: Without a relief valve, the outlet pressure gauge and the downstream equipment are not protected if the pressure regulator fails. A suitable pressure relief mechanism should be used to protect the system from over-pressurization.
  • Choose from a wide range of inlet and outlet connections, including Swagelok tube fittings, NPT fittings, and flanges.
  • Select an enclosure option. ABS plastic, fiberglass, and 304 stainless steel enclosures and sun shades are available. Enclosures are available with or without a window and insulated or uninsulated.

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