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Swagelok Louisiana

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Process Analyzer Sampling System Training (PASS)

The Swagelok Process Analyzer Sampling System Training course is a comprehensive, five-day course designed specifically for technicians, chemists, engineers or anyone involved in the design, building, operation or maintenance of process analyzer sampling systems. 

Experienced instructor Tony Waters, as well as other industry experts from Swagelok, focus on three important areas:

  1.  How to maintain a representative sample
  2.  How to ensure a sample is compatible with the analyzer
  3.  How to understand and avoid time delay from the tap to the analyzer


This training course covers all aspects of a sampling system, from the process line and tap through transport lines, stream switching, sample conditioning, analyzer, and disposal.

  •  Day 1 - Fundamentals: Classwork and Basic Exercises
    • Basic performance criteria and challenges
    • Diagnosing and fixing time delay problems
  •  Day 2 - Classwork and Basic Exercises
    • Sample conditioning techniques
    • Sample tap design
  •  Day 3 - Advanced Design Concepts
    • Group project: Design a complete sampling system
    • Phase preservation
  •  Day 4 - Advanced Design Work
    •  Group project: Design a complete sampling system
    •  Advanced calculations
  •  Day 5 - Stream and Calibration Selection
    •  Techniques of stream switching
    • Group presentations

This course is taught in various locations throughout the year. Please contact us at or call us at (225) 926-5520 for scheduling information. Additionally, our training and services manager Jacob Breaux can be reached via email at