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Swagelok Louisiana

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Tube Bending Essentials

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The Swagelok Tube Bending Essentials course at Swagelok Louisiana is designed for anyone working with tubing - including fabricators, contractors, technicians, engineers and draftsmen. Participants will understand proper use of tubing, tools and accessories, and bending techniques by participating in the discussions and hands-on demonstrations.

What you'll learn:

  •  Introduction to tube preparation, care, handling and bending
  •  Familiarization with the tube cutter, tube deburrer and tube benders
  •  Proper usage of bench-top bender and electric tube bender
  •  Discussion of the impact workmanship has on total system performance
  •  A glossary of tube preparation and handling terminology
  •  Process of laying out tube bends and bending tubing to match the template
  •  Exercises that demonstrate time-saving fabrication techniques
  •  Exercises that explain the use of expansion loops and offsets 

This seminar is approximately 3 hours in length but is highly customizable. The specific content of the seminar, depth to which each topic is discussed and length of the seminar depends on your unique needs. Please contact us at or call us at (225) 926-5520 for more information. Additionally, our training and services manager Jacob Breaux can be reached via email at

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